ERP Implementation for Organic Health and Dietary Food Supplements Provider in The USA

ERP Implementation for Organic Health and Dietary Food Supplements Provider in The USA
Technologies :
  • Python
  • Odoo

Description :


About our Customer:

The company has been selling organic health and dietary supplements online for the past 8 years under three different brand names. The company has 2500+ products in their catalog and is managing more than 60000 orders annually through their three online store. The products are all in-house LAB tested for FDA approvals.

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • They had system integration issues with multiple software they were managing. They were also facing system availability issues whenever any new functionality rolled out in one of the systems they were managing.
  • Because of this, they were also facing data synchronization and consistency issues.
  • Having multiple systems in place and given the team size they have, it was a big challenge for them to train users for different software.
  • At last, the maintenance and infrastructure cost was another challenge for them, as they were managing around 6 different systems.

Solution we provided:

  • We started by outlining the business processes in terms of user stories.
  • Next, we mapped the user stories with odoo features and modules.
  • Because the client wanted process automation, we worked out various decision trees and converted them into Odoo workflows. We have collected every possible scenario in this … as one of the main objectives of the system was to provide automated and intelligent decision-making.
  • Then we did the GAP analysis to provide a report on what we can achieve with out-of-the-box Odoo and where we need to do the customization.
  • After that, we did the architecture and project planning.
  • We started with step-by-step implementation by grouping related business processes like "purchase with inventory", "sales, invoice and accounting", etc.
  • To drive users for their day-to-day activities, we have done comprehensive utilization of Odoo's Approval module with "Todo and Notifications".
  • For smart decision-making, we have utilized the historical data, pre-configured rule sets, and custom stages for Odoo's default modules like purchase and sales. Also, created custom modules for digitizing sampling and LAB testing processes.

Business Impact:

  • We managed to reduce the server infrastructure cost to 70% by moving different software to Odoo.
  • We have achieved 100% data consistency as everything is now in Odoo – One single source of truth.
  • The Customer can do a Faster "Order Fulfillment" process. This is Due to on-time user activities in Odoo.