Empowering a Non-Profit Religious Community with Seamless Data & User Access Management using Liferay

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our customer is a highly reputable religious group in the United States. Since its establishment in 2002, they have been dedicated to the pursuit of holiness and belief in mutual decisions. Their commitment to growth and fostering peace stands as the foundation of their mission and purpose. Attracting countless followers and admirers, they continue to inspire and uplift communities with their principles and noble endeavors.

Industry : Non-Profit

Number of Employees : 64

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Surveys distribution & collection: Conducting surveys within an organization and collecting high volume data from users was really a troublesome task for our client.
  • Elections: Elections were often held to make critical decisions. However, ensuring a fair process, managing multiple candidate nominations, and facilitating member participation were quite complex tasks.
  • Decision Making: Also, analyzing the substantial amount data from multiple polls and surveys in a meaningful way were additional challenges.
  • Centralized results: After the results, the community demanded them to be easily accessible, comprehensible, and actionable.


To address the client's challenges effectively, our approach centered on creating a dynamic and reliable web portal, enabling seamless data management, user access control, and fostering collaborative interactions among multiple users simultaneously.


After gaining a thorough understanding of the community's challenges, our team collaborated with them along with a roadmap. Through transparent and open communication, our team elaborated on the impacts of proposed solutions to ensure that it caters to the community's needs.


We documented the complete architecture and intuitive UI/UX designs with a prototype for a captivating website. We complied custom templates, layouts, color schemes, and typography for the portal design that aims at exceeding the customer's expectations and their users' digital experience.


Our team utilized Liferay Solutions to create a user-friendly web portal that delivers an engaging experience to users. In addition, we created back-end logic and APIs to facilitate data collection. We also applied our UI/UX expertise to redesign their entire website, which includes secure login and SSO functionalities.


After rigorous QA testing, we unveiled a dynamic community portal leaving no stone unturned to guarantee the highest level of digital experience. To ensure peak performance, we also set up and configured the servers and databases essential for the optimal functioning of the developed solution.

key features

  • SSO with complex login rules
  • User access management
  • Dynamic form/questionnaire
  • Survey builder & collector
  • Data mining and matching
  • Notifications & reminders
  • Centralized managed data

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Liferay


  • React


  • Docker


  • Kubernetes


  • MySQL