Enterprise Travel Portal With Liferay

Enterprise Travel Portal With Liferay
Technologies :
  • Liferay
  • React
  • ES6
  • Redux
  • Java
  • JAX-RS
  • AlloyUI
  • JQuery
  • Liferay Theme
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS
  • MySQL
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS S3
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins CI/CD

Description :

About our Customer:

Our client provides services for traveling and bookings for the various suppliers. They have over 5000 customers in more than 25,000 locations worldwide.

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • Our client wants to build a B2B and B2C platform and an admin site for configuring various things.
  • Our client wants to integrate various suppliers for flight booking, hotel booking, car rental booking, tour booking, etc with the enterprise platform in one place.
  • The client was looking for an easy solution for the travel agents and individual customers.
  • The aim is to let users book the flights, hotel, etc services at the lowest cost possible from all the available choices.
  • Our client has customers in various countries so they need localization support.
  • Customers can pay their bills using their feasible methods so our client wants us to integrate various payment gateways.
  • Our client wants acknowledgment and publicity/marketing functionality via mail or SMS.
  • Customers can search for services in an optimized and personalized way.
  • Our client wants recommendations functionality for the services.
  • Our client wants sso functionality so their customer can switch between multiple sites very easily.
  • Our client wants to verify and review the agent registration process and once it's approved then agents can use the functionality of the booking services.
  • Our client wants us to integrate services with the Insurance provider so the customers can get travel insurance.
  • Our client wants the platform highly available and scalable.


The surekha technologies engineer team had coordinated with the client to prepare a roadmap, budgetary and architectural proposal for a solution based on liferay.

  • Highly faster and reusable react portlet for the front end-user experience and redux for the state management.
  • Implement the liferay custom theme for the dynamic and responsive UI.
  • Implement liferay JAX-RS API development for the react portlet.
  • Implement a liferay service builder as business logic and persistent layer.
  • Create & configure LDAP and SAML SSO Integration.
  • Customize the liferay for the login, user management, etc.
  • Implement OSGi module implementation for the Integration, utility, etc layer.
  • Implement the localization module for localization support.
  • Implement the liferay message bus for the mail service and the SMS service.
  • Implement custom workflow for agent registration approval process.
  • Implement & Integrate third-party payment gateway like Google Pay, PayPal for customer feasibility.
  • Create & configure the elastic search for the optimized and personalized search.
  • Create & configure the S3 buckets for the document store.
  • Create & configure docker and Kubernetes for the highly available and scalable platform.
  • Create & configure Jenkins for the continuous delivery of the project.

Key Features:

  • UI/UX responsive design
  • User registration, authentication, role-based access control, SSO
  • Booking services
  • Optimized search
  • Payment gateway
  • Localization
  • Highly available and scalable enterprise platform