Incorporating Digital Transformation through Odoo ERP Services for Leading Canadian Linen Manufacturer

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our client is Canada's leading distributor of commercial linens, facility supplies, healthcare, and industry apparel since its inception in 1995. They have built a reputation for reliability and trust by partnering directly with international manufacturers and industry-leading suppliers. With an extensive product selection and satisfactory customer service through their eCommerce platform, they have become one of the fastest-growing businesses in Canada.

Number of Employees : 120+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Usage of multiple applications: The client has to use multiple applications/software to manage different tasks, such as manufacturing, accounting, inventory management, procurement, quality checks, and sales.
  • Operation delays: The inefficiencies in coordination due to distributed works, which caused delays in various operational processes.
  • Broken links in workflows: Ineffective progress status tracking of projects due to broken links in workflows.
  • Manual entries: Errors caused due to manual entries of purchase, sales, and inventory data.
  • Inconsistent inventory management: Inventory issues arising from manual entries and improper planning, leading to inconsistencies and unreliability.
  • Lack of planning in manufacturing: Challenges in manufacturing operations due to inadequate planning considering the needs of MRP and PLM.
  • Custom manufacturing complexity: Complexities in managing manufacturing processes due to the custom business model.
  • Quotation challenges: Difficulties in creating sales quotations without proper references or historical data.
  • Customer information management: Difficulty in maintaining customer information and communication records without an ERP system.


Our primary focus during the entire process was to deliver an ERP system that not only streamlines operations but also seamlessly integrates with their Ecommerce website. Additionally, our approach aimed to eliminate the necessity for multiple platforms, leading to a single integrated ERP system.


We engaged in detailed consultations to identify their pain points. By collaborating closely with the client, we mapped out a comprehensive roadmap for the ERP solution. Transparent conversation with the client enabled us to propose an approach that aligns with their specific needs and challenges.


We thoroughly crafted an intuitive UI/UX design for the ERP system with several complex modules. Visualizing the system's interface through prototypes, we aimed to deliver a seamless and engaging user experience. Our design choices were driven by the goal of elevating overall user experience.


Leveraging advanced Odoo technology, we developed an ERP platform tailored to streamline operations and overcome existing challenges. Also, we integrated multiple modules, including CRM, sales, inventory, and manufacturing to establish a complex workflow considering the manufacturing needs.


We performed thorough QA testing before releasing a robust and dynamic ERP solution for the end-users, which guaranteed its highest level of performance. We efficiently set up and configured their servers and databases to ensure optimal functionality and scalability for the implemented ERP system.

key features

  • Integrated BOM, MRP, and Manufacturing Orders
  • ERP Integration with Ecommerce
  • Quality Control
  • Maintenance Management
  • Real-time Reporting and Analytics
  • Barcode Integration
  • Well-managed resources
  • Multi-Location Inventory Management
  • Integration with Ecommerce and Sales
  • MRP Scheduler

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Odoo


  • Python


  • JavaScript


  • XML