Open ERP-powered Ecommerce Website with Odoo for a prominent Russian Engineering Company

Detailed insights

About Customer

Our customer is a well-known engineering business based in Russia that has diversified its operation into three areas of expertise: wood, energy saving, and PVC recycling. Despite beginning with limited resources and equipment in 2,000, the business now delivers orders and shipments to more than 650 prominent businesses each month.

In addition, the customer provides engineering services, such as heat engineering calculations, architectural system development, and energy-saving solutions, supported by their years of extensive experience.

Number of Employees : 75+

Business Needs & Challenges

  • Excessive operational costs: Even after spending $100K per annum on hosting and software licensing, the organization was unable to manage and generate business through its Ecommerce website.
  • Complex product catalogue: Products in our client's catalogue were diverse and complex. It was challenging for the client to manage and showcase effectively on their Ecommerce platform.
  • Multiple information systems: Having multiple information systems and applications to support daily enterprise operations and meet diverse business requirements poses numerous challenges.
  • Pricing complexity: Pricings for engineering products were intricate, considering factors like volume, discounts, customizations, and currency conversions.
  • Fragmented e-commerce and ERP channels: The lack of ERP-Ecommerce integration created silos of information and processes, which lead to inefficiencies and challenges in managing the business, such as inventory inaccuracies, order processing delays, limited automation, inconsistent information, and challenges in obtaining reports and analytics.
  • Global Reach: Expanding into international markets was quite challenging for our client due to the lack of a website with multilingual, multi-currencies, and shipping support.


Our center of attention was to deliver a reliable Ecommerce website that enables the client to manage and showcase their engineering products with customizable volume, pricing, discounts, and currency conversions. Moreover, our methodology was to integrate their Ecommerce website with ERP in order to manage inventory, order processing, and stocks effortlessly.


Transparent and open communication with the client helped us to know their pain points. Upon close analysis of the existing system, we recommended an Ecommerce website in integration with the ERP system on Odoo and we delivered a development roadmap for the same.


We documented the comprehensive architecture of the Ecommerce website with catalogs, intuitive designs, prototypes, layouts, templates, color schemes, and typography. Parallelly, we designed an Ecommerce-ERP integrated platform by visualizing the system interface.


Leveraging advanced open-ERP technology, we developed an Ecommerce website and migrated the code and database from the previous platform. We integrated their website and backend business with multiple modules, including inventory, manufacturing, sales, CRM, and helpdesk.


Following thorough QA testing of the developed solutions, server configuration, and database set-up, we deployed the Ecommerce website. We also seamlessly released their all-new ERP system upon performing various system tests to o ensure the functioning of a web application.

key features

  • Well-managed products in the catalogue
  • Single source of information for customer management
  • Integrated Ecommerce with ERP
  • Integrated G Map with ERP through API
  • Live order tracking for customers
  • Customized order tracking
  • Post sales support through the helpdesk module

Technology Stack & Tools

  • Odoo


  • Python


  • PostgreSQL