Shipment Tracker - Web and Mobile App

Shipment Tracker - Web and Mobile App
Technologies :
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Cordova
  • Liferay

Description :

Business Needs / Challenges:

  • The challenge was to develop a mobile app to track shipment activities that support both real-time and offline tracking for remote areas for one of the largest logistics companies in Russia.
  • The Main challenge was to handle the offline data store and sync possibility to handle deliveries in remote locations where there is no network availability.
  • Along with this, the customer wanted to use the same mobile device to get the confirmation via signature from the customer on delivery for verification.
  • Another challenge was to create an admin dashboard where the in-office team can get an overview of current operations, live and last known locations of delivery persons and manage the shipment details.


  • We have developed a hybrid mobile application on cordova that works on both android and iOS and web app for the admin backend/control-panel.
  • We had added the functionality with on-device database storage to support offline data management and sync when the device comes online.
  • With hybrid mobile apps we provided a cost effective solution as we can have the same code base for both android and iOS platforms.

Key benefits

  • The hybrid app development with single code base for both android and iOS
  • Fast and intuitive UI for real time shipment tracking and user confirmation.
  • Management of different status updates from the various transport service providers.
  • Admin dashboard that gives overview of the shipment activities and able to manage shipment operations.