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Choosing The Right eCommerce Platform for Your Business: Odoo vs Magento

Odoo eCommerce platform
Ecommerce platform is a fast-growing platform and internet purchasing has rapidly increased. Online shopping is more preferable in today’s world and statistics show that it will nearly hit 4 trillion in 2020. Due to the increasing number of customers, companies are now focusing on targeting online users to sell their products and services. 
There are many Ecommerce platform service providers but selecting the best out of them is quite difficult. Selecting the best platform will help the business earn more profit and help users provide the best digital experience. Let’s know more about Odoo and Magento, the best ecommerce platform services chosen by many businesses. 
Odoo is an open-source software and Odoo is available in three different editions: community, enterprise, and online. It is a complete Ecommerce business solution and comes with many inbuilt apps such as Website, sales, operations, marketing, and many more. 
Magento is an ecommerce platform that provides assistance in developing companies in building their online business and offers modern and effective methods that generate revenue for the business. 

Comparison between Odoo and Magento 


Odoo offers two versions, one is the community version and the other is the enterprise edition. The pricing for the paid version i.e. enterprise version of Odoo depends on the modules selected by the user. Each module / feature of Odoo starts with $4 per month and 15 days free trial to the new users. 

Magento also offers different version to the user such as:

  • Community version 
  • Enterprise version 
  • Commerce cloud 
The enterprise and the commerce cloud edition are the paid versions that come with more premium versions. The pricing for Magento cloud starts from $1988.00/month with a free trial. 
Odoo vs Magento


Odoo is a complete business solution and provides many features to the user that help to manage the ecommerce store effectively. Odoo provides numerous features to the eCommerce platform and businesses can customize their online store with the integration of other apps like sales, marketing, inventory management, email marketing, and many more. 

Easy to use 

Magento is quite complicated for beginners because it requires developers to look up documents and deep knowledge of using Magento. The user requires technical understanding and experience to deal with this platform.
Odoo apps are easy to set up and operate without having technical knowledge and businesses find them more useful to create an ecommerce website. The user can easily create an ecommerce website with a simple drag and drop function and can customize it as the users want. 

Community Support

Magento is having global level vast support with more than 300,000 Magento developers and 288 partners across the world are available to support and provide assistance in solving any errors.
The Odoo community support is wider than Magento with 1500+ employees, 3550 partners, and 7 million users worldwide. The community supports every user to solve their query and problems while using Odoo.

User satisfaction

odoo review


Which one is the best choice for your eCommerce platform


The purpose of having an ecommerce platform is to provide the best experience to the user while browsing your ecommerce website. From the above comparison, we can say that the price of Magento is much higher than Odoo. Magento is quite complicated and the usability has to be improved. Odoo is a complete business solution and integrates with the other apps that help businesses to manage their eCommerce platform effectively. 

The cost of the Odoo integration app starts from 4$ per month and can be easily integrated with the Odoo eCommerce platform. The Odoo eCommerce solution provides various features and support services to the user so that will be more beneficial for eCommerce businesses. Odoo is the best ecommerce solutions with community supports and other features that shall be beneficial for business.


Odoo's numerous features, integration compatibility and customizability makes it a top notch solution for any ecommerce business needs over all the other ecommerce options available in the market. Surekha Technologies is one of the top Odoo e-commerce development service providers that delivers ecommerce solutions to all industries. As an Odoo, ready partner, our support and quality of work we deliver are satisfactory that generate revenue for the business.
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