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Expected Features of Odoo 16 That Will Change The Way You Think About Business

Features of Odoo 16
As each year goes by, Odoo is growing more and more. The first version of Odoo, known as Tiny ERP, was introduced in 2005. Today, we are up to Odoo Version 16. It is amazing how it brings a lot of features with every version to boost a business. Odoo's excellent add-on features have propelled it to the next level, with a steady improvement in ERP functionality and integration.
Odoo version 16, expected to be released in October 2022, is expected to have several benefits, including a better operating experience with improved ease of access, speed, and data management. Odoo users can quickly migrate to the latest version while still having full access to their present Odoo version, which is interesting. This write-up holds the expected features of Odoo 16, based on market research, that will uplift your business in the future.

Performance and efficiency

Performance is one of the most critical factors that helps a business grow, and it is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we buy or use any software. Odoo's latest version has focused on improving its performance and efficiency.
You will find a significantly improved speed once you use Odoo V16. The performance is expected to be quick and effective. The worse the performance of the software, the worse the user experience.

A better user experience

Odoo-16, with its revamp of all-important modules, will be a one-of-a-kind and must-have software in any organization. The new Odoo 16 edition is expected to have optimized workforce management for the HR team and product management for the sales team. The sign and marketing modules have undergone significant revisions to satisfy new criteria.

Knowledge Module

The knowledge module is a unique module that is integrated into Odoo V16 and makes the introduction of Odoo V16 complete. The knowledge module will enable professionals and managers to produce documents and share their expertise just as Wikipedia does.
The productivity of the business will increase with the knowledge module, as the interaction between the workforce and the company will improve. This feature is compatible with all modules of Odoo
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Accounting module

The upgraded accounting module in Odoo version 16 comes with improved reporting, VAT ID validation for eCommerce stores, and E-invoicing methods. The Journal Audit reports have easy readability that will improve your understanding of VAT regulations. The new bank reconciliation widget provides streamlined accounting reporting and improved multi-currency handling.
One of the new features in Odoo 16 is the credit limit alert in sales and invoices. You may also see an OCR-separate setting for generating your client invoices.

Marketing module

The email marketing module in Odoo V16 has been enhanced to allow you to generate new templates using previously developed email layouts. You can also easily alter the global properties of the mailing list. You can swiftly access your contacts and their mailing addresses.
The Odoo V16 dashboard makes it easy to retweet tweets for social networking and marketing purposes. This way, you can easily manage your business's social media platforms and create an online presence.

Website Module

Odoo 16 lets you manage your website's front-end and back-end from the same view, saving you time and effort in creating a great website. The new website builder module will allow you to make your website engaging and interactive, and you will get multiple tools to control, manage, and customize the website.
You can configure the website page without refreshing it every time, and more filtering and grouping features may be implemented on the webpage for easy user accessibility and management.

Discounts and coupons

Odoo V16 makes it easy to configure and manage coupons, promotional offers, and discounts on your website. This is available via traditional sales orders, e-commerce, and POS (point of sale).
The inclusion of discounts and promotional offers in all applications is likely to be an extra benefit in this module, which combines a subscription app with sales. Therefore, you can easily promote your website by including amazing offers for your users with all the new features of Odoo 16.

Inventory Module

Odoo's new version can automatically manage back-orders, preventing future problems. You may discover an improved postcode filter that accepts 'prefixes' rather than a 'form to' on the shipping method. You will also be able to print data in this version.
This latest version of Odoo allows you to manage how far in advance you want to create a replenishment of a product/order. You can scan a package, pick and count the product quantity, and force scan a mandatory or not-so-mandatory product easily.


The launch of Odoo 16 has many new features that will help your business manage all the processes smoothly. We are Odoo partners, and you can meet us at the Odoo Experience 2022 in Brussels, Belgium (booth I-4).
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