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How CRM Improves Customer Relationship And Roi For Your Business

odoo crm
Why is client management important for businesses? Managing relationships with customers is the most critical part of business success. There are many apps available in the market that help you manage the relationship between your customers, but which one is the best for price, features, and flexibility.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is the complete business solution for businesses that include enterprise applications such as HRM, accounting, warehouse management, CRM, marketing, inventory management, and point of sales.

What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM helps businesses to get applicable information about the customer and improve lead management for the sales & marketing team. The Odoo CRM platform allows the user to control all the sales, marketing, and customer management activities.

Advantage of Odoo CRM

User friendly

Odoo CRM is simple and easy to use by anyone with no difficulties. The dashboard provides all the information about sales & marketing activities that help the user manage the business effectively.

Schedule Meetings

The best advantage of using Odoo CRM is that it helps the user to plan meetings with customers, and it automatically syncs with phone & google calendar. The owner can set the displayed privacy of the meeting to be visible to everyone or only to the attending people.

Sales analysis

The CRM provides different methods to analyze sales, such as filter and group functions that give the user a piece of brief information about sales activities.

Report Generation

They can easily export the data collected in the Odoo CRM in the excel sheet and the user can generate reports easily and quickly.

Manage multiple contacts

In Odoo CRM, the user can manage over one contact from the same client company. The sales & marketing add contact details in the system anytime and anyplace.

Community support 

There are 7 million users that use Odoo in over 120+ countries. The Odoo provides erp support to all the users, and the community helps each other to solve their problems.


Enhance sales team performance

The Odoo CRM allows the user to track down various activities using the sales dashboard, and this helps the user to get detailed information about every lead.

Lead management

Managing customer relationships is the best practice to improve your customer experience. The Odoo CRM helps you manage your leads, schedule meetings, calendar, and update your customers with email marketing.

Improve customer relationship

The CRM module gives you valuable insights into your customer data and solves customer queries. Odoo is a powerful tool that identifies customers' preferences, purchase habits, financial data, and delivery methods. 

Reporting and analytics

Odoo CRM tracks customer data and monitors business operations on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that helps to improve sales activities in real-time. The advanced filter in Odoo helps you to find targeted audiences and take follow-ups daily.


Odoo CRM can manage the customer data and leads that help businesses to take further decisions to improve marketing activities. Surekha Technologies is an ERP development company that provides Odoo CRM services that assist businesses in the management of customer relationships.
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