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Odoo Advanced Manufacturing Integration with Firebase

Odoo is an open-source erp software that has a plethora of modules and features. Odoo can be deployed as a full fledged ERP software with all of the modules, Or a set of Odoo erp modules tailored to customer needs.

If you are looking for a Leads related module then you can also check out the Odoo CRM module.

In this blog, we will cover advanced features of the Manufacturing Module of Odoo ERP like:

  • Subcontracting
  • Unbuild orders

We’ll also cover Odoo integration with a mobile app that utilise Firebase Realtime Database to maintain the manufacturing order and its visualisation dashboard on mobile and tablets.

Why did we choose Firebase for creating the Mobile Application that provides integration with Odoo?
  1. To provide segregation of concern for technical team Odoo and Mobile app scope
  2. Effective and minimalistic user interface with mobile application V/S the responsive webview that Odoo offers.
  3. Secure communication between Firebase and Odoo. No need to expose the Odoo Rest services to mobile applications directly.
  4. Firebase’ Real-time Database helps to provide real time data-updates to Store and Synchronize Data.
  5. Utilizing event driven architecture of firebase to communicate with odoo in-a way that reduces the load on odoo server for mobile data users.
  6. Firebase provides Data analytics and Visualization which helps in management of manufacturing.

If you want to check out basic features of the manufacturing module, We have covered it in Basics of Manufacturing in Odoo 13 blog.


  1. Subcontracting
  • Subcontracting is a process of letting someone else manufacture the goods with raw materials provided by us.
  • Create a new Bill of Material and Select the product in the product field and in the BoM type select Subcontracting.
  • In the Subcontractors field, select the partners to whom you will be subcontracting.
  • Now open the product for which you have created the Bill of Material.
  • In the purchase tab Add the vendors which we have selected as subcontractors in the Bill of Material.
  • Now, whenever you need to manufacture this product you can create a Purchase order which will select the subcontractor as the vendor.
  • When you confirm the PO the components which are required to create this product will be deducted from your company inventory and the final product will be added to your inventory once you confirm the delivery receipt.


  1. Unbuild Orders
  • Unbuild Orders are essentially the process of getting the raw materials back from the final product.
  • For example, if your final product is faulty or there is some other reason in which you want to unbuild your product and get the raw material back you can do so with the unbuild orders.
  • Create a new unbuild order and In the Product field, select the product you need to unbuild.
  • The Bill of Materials field will be selected automatically. But if you have multiple BoM for a single product and want to use a specific BoM you can manually select it.
  • If you want to reference a specific Manufacturing order you can select it from the Manufacturing Order field.
  • If you select a Manufacturing Order then you will not be able to select any other field apart from the Quantity and Company field.
  • Unbuild the order and this will remove the quantity of the product from your inventory and add the components in your inventory.
  • You can check the stock moves from the Product Moves button in the unbuild order.

This is how you can manage manufacturing orders manually. We have automated this process by using Realtime Firebase Database and Mobile Application.

  • You can scan a product barcode and create a Manufacturing order for that product after filling some values.
  • For real time tracking of Manufacturing Orders, we had set up a Realtime Firebase Database which stores Manufacturing Data and updates the Odoo database using API calls.
  • We can update the status of Manufacturing orders from the mobile application which uses Realtime Firebase Database and updates the Odoo erp server with that data.
  • We can use analytics provided by Firebase to visualize the data and analyze it.

Do you want to have your manufacturing process with Odoo to be more effective? Do you want to manage your odoo from a mobile app with real time updates? Give us a call or email to know more

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