Our Customer-Centric Digital Transformation is focused on elevating the customer experience to drive business growth. As your trusted Digital Transformation partner, we understand that satisfied customers are the key to business success.

And so, our digital innovation is dedicated to enhancing customer engagement and offering satisfying user experiences. We provide CX solutions that drive transformation across the customer lifecycle, marketing, Ecommerce, and sales; from digital onboarding to extended customer support.


B2B & B2C

Our Ecommerce solutions offer smart recommendations, website management, enhanced shopping experience, order management, sales & service support, and custom app integration. It makes it effortless for customers to buy from you.


Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Our robust CRM platform allows you to track qualified leads, schedule activities, close conversions, and get precise forecasts. Always be connected with your customers and build lasting relationships with real-time insights.


Customer Portal

Let your customers self-serve and take control of their experiences instead of tickets & calls. Help users find what they need with personalized content, catalogs, smart recommendations & easy payments in a few clicks.


Corporate Website

Your website is the first impression of your brand. Using user management, targeting, form, and blog features, we develop a website that creates a captivating online presence and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.



Allow your customers to close their tickets and provide smarter self-service. We offer Email, website forms, and live chat support for Customer Helpdesk. Track, organize, prioritize, and close customer tickets with custom SLA rules.

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How will our CX Transformation services

benefit your business?

Offer personalized Customer Experience to each user.

Create, manage & deliver relevant content, trends, recommendations, preferences, and tailored search results personalized to each user and engage with your customers beyond comparison.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Make it easy to buy from you with recommendations.

Our Ecommerce solution enhances customer experience by delivering convenient online shopping, personalized recommendations, and reorder options, which lead to seamless transactions and a tailored shopping journey.

Reduced operational costs & improved ROIs

Improve brand awareness, visibility, and customer loyalty.

Our CX solutions transform your customer journey with intuitive interfaces, personalized touchpoints, and uninterrupted self-service resolutions that enhance satisfaction, brand recognition, and foster customer loyalty.

Improved decision-making

Reduce operational costs & improve Return on Investment (ROI).

Enabling self-service options for customers not only streamlines operations but also drives significant cost reductions. This dual advantage enhances customer experience and optimizes expenses, which improves ROI and drives overall business growth.

Operational visibility and management


Corporate And Intranet Portals for A Govt. Authentication Service Provider

Our client is a semi-govt entity that handles Govt. Authentication Service for one of the countries in the African region. They also manage data centers for VPS, web hosting, and similar services for government and non-government entities in the country.

Key Features

  • SSO
  • Optimized search with autocomplete suggestions
  • Inline content editing
  • Localization
  • Dynamic color configurations
  • Highly available and scalability for the Liferay with Kubernates

Solution for Automobile eCommerce Platform Using Liferay DXP Portal

A leading global supplier of technology and services, our customer has four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. They offer innovative solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility. This project is for one of their manufacturing sectors that is focused on auto-part at global level. They are looking to build a digital catalog that provides an initiative user interface for users to explore vehicle accessories and parts.

Key Features

  • UI/UX design as per corporate standards with WCAG and ADA compliances on ui development.
  • Customized Liferay Commerce and DXP theme.
  • Customized image gallery with 360 views of the image.
  • Extending ElasticSearch functionality for custom search criterias.

Odoo CRM Implementation for Investment Portfolio Management Firm

Our client is a well-known financial sector firm that provides the best plan to reach financial goals as per the need and comfort levels. They have a global presence and provide advisory approach, portfolio solutions, financial goals, and milestones. Also, deliver quality work and services.

Key Features

  • Authentication and authorization for all the users.
  • Efficient management of customer's activities and their queries.
  • Efficient management of roles and responsibilities and their access privileges.
  • Effective and well organized scheduling of meetings, calls, and email notifications.
  • Graphical and tabular representation of overall work reports and activities status.
  • Effective management of sales targets and commission for the employees.

Liferay DXP Portal Solution for eCommerce Business

In this project the client was looking for a user interface where the part of the vehicle should be allotted properly with year, model and engine VIN number. After evaluating the customer needs we provided a Liferay DXP solution with Commerce that helps them to manage vehicle parts, easily categorize each part into a common group and attach multimedia images for product classification and marketing.

Key Features

  • UI/UX design as per corporate standards.
  • Following WCGA and ADA compliances on ui development.
  • Liferay Commerce and DXP theme.
  • Customized image gallery with 360 view of the image.
  • Listing of parts in List and Tile view.
  • Comparison between different parts, upto max 3 parts.
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Customer experience transformation is a process of improving customer engagement. CX transformation is all about offering satisfied experiences by implementing strategies and technology to streamline sales and service operations.
Customer experience transformation offers satisfied user experiences that attract and engage customers with the brand. By delivering personalized experiences to customers, businesses can enhance customer retention and drive business growth. Furthermore, a business can increase customer loyalty, enhance company reputation, and build authentic relationships with CX transformation.
At SurekhaTech, we are committed to transforming businesses digitally by offering comprehensive suite services and solutions. We provide CX transformation services for Ecommerce, customer portals, websites, and CRM, from consulting to CX strategy development and implementation to employee training.