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Liferay Database migration from 6.2 to 7.1/DXP

Now, ready to upgrade database Liferay 6.2 to 7.1, Liferay 7.1/DXP gives upgrade tool to upgrade everything. It’s the best, most comprehensive thanks to upgrade tool provided by Liferay. Please follow below steps to upgrade database(Steps are given for both Ubuntu/Window). Steps Create a new database for Liferay 7.1/DXP in MySQL server e.g. create database ...
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Database Replication

As we all know, Replica is nothing but just a copy of something and the process to create a replica of something is called Replication. Now let’s define the term Database Replication. Database Replication Database Replication is a technique to transfer the exact replica of each database instances from a database to other databases located in the same or different server to provide ...
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