Digitize and Automate Patient Pre-Screening, On-Boarding & E-Consent

  • Digitize your traditional paper-based screening and consent with Web and Mobile apps.
  • Dynamic Form builder (No Code solution) for Patient Pre-Screening and E-Consent.
  • Customizable patient On-Boarding tools with automated workflow and approval processes.
  • Admin dashboards to view and analyze per-screening and on-boarding data.
Digitize and automate

Questionnaire Managementfor Better and Faster Data Capture

  • Dynamic Form builder (No Code solution) for creating different types of questionnaires for patients and study data capture from multiple channels.
  • Easy data export in multiple formats and synchronize to external systems.
  • Rule-based segmentation for provisioning questionnaires for different types of users.
Questionnaire management

Easy Data Managementand External System Integrations

  • Flexibility to choose how do you want to view or use the captured data.
  • Easily integrate and push data to external data sources as needed.
  • Export data via multiple formats.
  • Customizable dashboard for visualizing data abstracts.
Easy data management and external system integrations

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The patient onboarding solutions can help your organizations in many ways such as:
1. Streamline Patient Registration
2. Optimize Medical Office Workflow
3. Better Patient Communication
4. Focus on Patient Care
5. Improve Clinical Outcomes
Yes, we do develope custom patient onboarding platform as per the requirement of the client.
We specialize in offering customized patient onboarding platform, which is great for small, mid and large-sized hospitals. Our healthcare management software allows doctors, nurses and hospital administrators to level up their workflow. The portal can help solve a variety of problems that often arise in the course of medical treatment. Email us to learn more.