Digitize and Automate Patient Pre-Screening, On-Boarding & E-Consent

  • Digitize your traditional paper-based screening and consent with Web and Mobile apps.
  • Dynamic Form builder (No Code solution) for Patient Pre-Screening and E-Consent.
  • Customizable patient On-Boarding tools with automated workflow and approval processes.
  • Admin dashboards to view and analyze per-screening and on-boarding data.

Questionnaire Managementfor Better and Faster Data Capture

  • Dynamic Form builder (No Code solution) for creating different types of questionnaires for patients and study data capture from multiple channels.
  • Easy data export in multiple formats and synchronize to external systems.
  • Rule-based segmentation for provisioning questionnaires for different types of users.

Easy Data Managementand External System Integrations

  • Flexibility to choose how do you want to view or use the captured data.
  • Easily integrate and push data to external data sources as needed.
  • Export data via multiple formats.
  • Customizable dashboard for visualizing data abstracts.

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