Liferay Training Services

Liferay Training is the quickest way to learn best practices for developing Liferay plugins, successful deployment, administration, or tuning of Liferay Portal. We provide Liferay training across India and the world. Become involved in our Liferay training programme to find out the true potential of Liferay.

We provide training on Liferay fundamentals, such as correctly managing users with Organizations, managing content with Sites, restricting access to content using Roles and Permissions and creating new pages and content using Liferay's Content Management System.

Liferay Developer Training

Developers are responsible for creating portlets and customizing portal functionality. We provide training on how to develop plugins that can create, update and delete records from the database, implement permissions and use the debugger to fix errors. We also cover how to extend core portlets, override Liferay services via Spring and customize the control panel. Training also includes Liferay Service Builder, Liferay theme development, Alloy UI and use of many Liferay APIs.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Liferay Portal Development
  • Liferay Portlet Plugins Development
  • Liferay Theme Development and Layout Template Plugins Development
  • Liferay Hook and EXT Plugins Development
  • Liferay Advance Development

Cource Duration : 4 days

Liferay Administration Training

System Administrators are responsible for installing and configuring the server. In this training, we cover how to install Liferay, hook into an enterprise database, configure LDAP to create and sync user accounts, and install and manage Liferay Plugins. It also covers advanced topics such as clustering, performance tuning and monitoring.

Topics Covered

  • Getting Started with Liferay Portal
  • Sites and Organizations
  • ¬≠Users and Roles
  • Liferay Content Management System
  • Workflow Management
  • Liferay Performance Tuning and Lifeay Portal SEO
  • Advanced Topics

Cource Duration : 3 days

You can even customize the training programme as per your requirement. To know more about training schedule and syllabus, please get in touch with us.

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