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Surekha Technologies provides software testing and quality assurance services to its global customers. We have a domain experts from almost every industry that knows all emerging trends and new technologies.



Healthcare is one of the most developing market domains with many successful discoveries, we at Surekha Technologies have a pool of QA specialists engineers with healthcare domain experience who understand HIPPA, e-prescription, patient education, patient scheduling and many more. Our experience in healthcare testing ranges across a set of activities for healthcare systems deployed in the US, India and the Middle East. We are also handling the cross-sections of technologies in healthcare application testing on several smart devices.

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Retail and E-commerce

The retail and e-commerce industries become redefined business solutions, which are game-changers in IT industries, we understand how complex an e-commerce system can be. But we at Surekha Technology have a team of skilled QA specialist who focuses on various IT solutions for e-commerce and retail businesses for their global customers and manage rapid volume growth of e-commerce businesses.

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Education & E-learning

Nowadays education/e-learning applications are the most desirable tool to deliver educational content to students, teachers and other readers. Testing an e-learning application has never been an easy task and detail testing is always needed to assure that the application provides high-quality content with zero defect. We at Surekha Technologies have devoted QA team to test education/e-learning applications for e-learning service providers such as schools, colleges, training centres, etc. and help them to ensure that they distribute high-quality applications content and everything which attracts more and more learners.

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Social Media

Every business is useless without its customers and we think social media testing services is the biggest step in educating your customers to make them aware of your services. In this era of social media, many dating apps and networking apps are emerging daily and now we are in frightful need of efficient social media app testing implemented with an organized and consistent approach. Surekha Technologies has a team of testers that provide extensive social media application testing and QA services for customers wishing to harness the power of the Internet for business objectives.

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Travel & Hospitality

The travel industry is growing day by day. Any travel booking application has a set of several functions such as the availability of seats, booking, ratings, bonus points, payment gateways, etc. Surekha Technology has a proven track record of working on travel booking applications. We are here to assist you so that you can give your customer everything they require.

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Real Estate & Property

Real estate business is not limited to buying, selling and renting properties. It also includes communications and interactions that exist between realtors, property owners and customers. If you expect to succeed in today's competitive real estate market, as a real estate agency/realtor, it is wise to use modern technology. At Surekha Technologies we have a team of QA specialists who are centralized to deliver the best quality applications or websites by regulating through multiple quality checks.

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Hotel Management

Hotel management software testing services can be used by hotels, resorts, clubs, lodges and others to perform financial functions and activities. These tasks include reservation, customer relationship management, property and resources management, accounting, and employee scheduling. The right hotel management software testing service provider must be comprehensive in quality, and at Surekha Technologies we have a team of skilled QA who have a proven track record of working in the same domain

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Nowadays logistics and transportation software products need to be tested thoroughly. Certain industries include air transport, water transport, logistics providers, couriers services and etc. In this challenging era of disruption, Surekha Technology has a team of qualified testers that helps you to improve and maintain your bottom-up benefits. We continuously enable you to match the technical and business forecasts expected from your software applications and products.

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