Test Management

This blog has been written for understanding Test Management, its phases and importance of test management to drive the testing process smoothly. How we can trace future risks in early phases and save time and cost. Let’s learn about it in brief.
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Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Testing Life Cycle This blog is about the various phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle. Let's understand the sequence of the testing process which helps to meet Software Quality Goals via following the STLC process. Each activity is carried out in a planned and systematic way. So let's continue understanding STLC from end to end as given below. ...
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Odoo Grid View

Want to implement a Grid view in your odoo community edition? Here are declaration steps with the flow for Grid view.
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How to process delivery order in 3 steps (pick+pack+ship feature)

In this blog, I will show you the configuration of the three-step delivery option (Pick + Pack + Ship). In the three-stage delivery method, the products are first transported to the packaging area, where the products are assembled based on the destination and then it gets delivered to the customers.
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What is UI and UX Testing

  Do you know what is UI and what is UX? How important is it to maintain UI / UX on our website or mobile application? How can we improve the UI / UX of our website / mobile application with the help of testing? And many more…   Sit back and relax. We will understand each point step by step :)   What Is UI?  UI is...
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Trace Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) Attacks

The faster and sooner in the Web Application development process you can find and fix Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) attack issues, the safer your enterprise will be. For the purposes of detecting XSS issues, Using Burp suite to Test for locating Reflected XSS.
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Install | Configure Odoo 13 on Ubuntu 16.04

Odoo is a leading open source ERP and CRM platform and that makes it most prominent to use. There are various released versions of Odoo and with each version, Odoo comes up with new features and functionalities. Here Odoo version 13 has various improvements and new features that improve the UI and functionality for the users.
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Are you looking to enhance your knowledge about bidding in Odoo? Here’s a little blog that will enable you to effectively use the Bidding Functionality in Odoo 13.

Install Laravel on Ubuntu 16.04 With Apache2

Laravel is the most popular and open-source PHP framework used across the world to build web applications ranging from small apps to enormous projects. In this blog, I will guide you on how to install Laravel on an Ubuntu 16.04 or a larger version with apache2 and PHP 7.2.
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Column level Encryption and Decryption in MSSQL

Information is a very confidential thing in today's era to protect that from unauthorize and unauthenticated access to secure that data we should encrypt and decrypt that data. Here are the steps to encrypt and decrypt your data in the database at a column level.
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