Basics of Manufacturing in Odoo 13

Are you looking for an elegant solution to ease your manufacturing workflow? This blog will guide you towards the basic use of the manufacturing module in Odoo 13.
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Custom Texts Translation in Prestashop 1.7.6

Prestashop is the multilingual platform for the eCommerce business. It is capable of translating wordings into many languages. Sometimes we need theme customization and translation. We need to add new wordings in the default classic theme. Therefore, here we require a custom way to translate the wordings in the classic theme.
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Video Conferencing Inside Liferay

Now you can easily integrate video conferencing inside Liferay with our Video Conferencing Portlet.
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SQL injection and ways to prevent it

If you want to protect your website or web application from SQL injection, in this blog you will learn about all of the SQL injection methods and how to prevent them.
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Liferay Service Tracker

The Liferay portal provides an OSGi framework for the collaborative environment of objects which are registered as services. Those Declarative Services are ways to share services between the components. When we declare java class as component (using @component annotation) then that component gets registered with the services, which will be available for use for other components. DS service...
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Host Ember application in AWS s3 using cloudfront

If you are an Ember developer/DevOps and want to host your ember app via AWS CloudFront then you are at the correct place. Let's look at how we can do it easily. Prerequisite: I assume that you know very well how to deploy your ember app on s3. Setup s3 bucket and enable to static hosting Let’s say you have deployed your ember app on s3. To host application via CloudFront we...
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Software Testing Life Cycle

Software Testing Life Cycle This blog is about the various phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle. Let's understand the sequence of the testing process which helps to meet Software Quality Goals via following the STLC process. Each activity is carried out in a planned and systematic way. So let's continue understanding STLC from end to end as given below. ...
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Odoo Grid View

Want to implement a Grid view in your odoo community edition? Here are declaration steps with the flow for Grid view.
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How to process delivery order in 3 steps (pick+pack+ship feature)

In this blog, I will show you the configuration of the three-step delivery option (Pick + Pack + Ship). In the three-stage delivery method, the products are first transported to the packaging area, where the products are assembled based on the destination and then it gets delivered to the customers.
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What is UI and UX Testing

  Do you know what is UI and what is UX? How important is it to maintain UI / UX on our website or mobile application? How can we improve the UI / UX of our website / mobile application with the help of testing? And many more…   Sit back and relax. We will understand each point step by step :)   What Is UI?  UI is...
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