Digitizing Business Operations to drive
Organizational Performance & ROI

Our end-to-end digital operation solutions are to drive organizational performance and business growth by integrating processes and digitizing their business-critical operations.

Our digital transformation services empower businesses to build resilient platforms that seamlessly integrate core business operations, including procurement, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, finance & accounting, and sales & marketing under the same umbrella.

Organizational Performance & ROI
Digital Inventory Management Solutions

Digital Inventory
Management Solutions

We offer digital procurement and inventory management solutions that enable businesses to have the right inventory in the right place at the right time. Automate operations and improve productivity with our innovative Inventory Management Solutions.

Digitally Transformed Supply Chains

Digitally Transformed
Supply Chains

Leveraging our intelligent technology solutions, businesses can build a Supply Chain that is agile, resilient, and sustainable. It offers end-to-end visibility, real-time insights, and recommended actions that allow you to turn disruptions into business growth.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Digital Manufacturing

We offer digital manufacturing solutions with Artificial Intelligence for Industrial and Process Manufacturers that empower them to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and improve quality. Our solutions are built integrating MRP, PLM, and BOM.

Digital Project Management Solution

Digital Project Management

Our digital project management system empowers you to organize, schedule, plan, and analyze tasks within the organization. With centralized access, you can plan projects from start to finish, streamline projects, and collaborate effortlessly across all the channels.

Digital Sales & Marketing Solutions

Digital Sales & Marketing

We offer Marketing solutions that let you automate marketing campaigns, generate qualified leads, and design email campaigns for the targeted audience. Whereas Sales solutions allow you to identify valued customers and build lasting relationships using data analytics.

Digital Financial Management System

Digital Financial
Management System

Our Blockchain powered Financial Solutions enable you to create, connect, store, and report financials beyond payables and receivables. The solutions will let you reconcile, generate invoices, forecast, measure cashflows, and reduce a Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) rate.

Is Digital Operations your key to achieve Business Transformation?
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How do our Digital Operation Solutions

help you achieve Digital Transformation?

Enhanced operational efficiency

Digital platforms drive continuity and resilience in processes that improve their efficiency. Solutions fueled with AI and Data Analytics enable swift automation of end-to-end processes.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Reduced operational costs & improved ROIs

Digital platforms empower businesses to eliminate multiple-systems-associated-working and manual labor, which reduces the risks of breakdowns, maintenance, and production losses. Also, reduced transactional costs and continuous reliability of digital solutions improve ROI.

Reduced operational costs & improved ROIs

Improved decision-making

Digital transformation in operations provides real-time data, process automation, and seamless collaboration, which enables organizations to make agile decisions, optimize efficiency, and drive innovation.

Improved decision-making

Operational visibility and management

Digital operations offer real-time visibility into existing processes and workflows that empower management to oversee anywhere anytime. It not only offers quick insights, but also enables the organization to implement improvement strategies.

Operational visibility and management

Connected and seamless omnichannel experience

A digital platform enables its users to have the same seamless experience, regardless of what touchpoints they are using- be it a mobile, computer, or anything in-between.

Connected and seamless omnichannel experience


ERP setup for Textile Industry

Before using Odoo, Client's team used to manage their day-to-day business processes like managing stocks, processing orders and invoices using traditional spreadsheets. Integration with a custom PHP web application that manages product portfolio.

Key Features

  • Configured Sales and Purchase channel for various business scenarios
  • Inventory management & Subcontracting
  • Report redesign and customization for Sales, Purchases and Invoices
  • Incentive/Commission configuration for salespersons

ERP Solution for Linen Manufacturer

One of our clients was looking for an effective solution for their business process like managing pricing options for customers, manual calculation of discount and margin for orders and invoices. Provided solution for requirements by this product.

Key Features

  • Make compatible Sales and Purchase with business process and flows
  • Inventory Management with proper inventory valuation
  • Manage state wise tax calculation & Redesigning of website login page
  • Manage discount, margin concept for customer and vendors using pricelist

CRM Solution for Thermal Insulation Provider

One of our clients is looking for a solution to manage digital marketing and advertising, sales management, order processing, and customer engagement on the platform. So we have provided a solution to manage client requirements by this product.

Key Features

  • Marketing, CRM, Sales management and Website sale management.
  • Content Management: Website, Forum, Blog, Website CRM.
  • Product search feature & Order Processing
  • Login integration for social sites like: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Odoo CRM Implementation for Investment Portfolio Management Firm

Our client is a well-known financial sector firm that provides the best plan to reach financial goals as per the need and comfort levels. They have a global presence and provide advisory approach, portfolio solutions, financial goals, and milestones. Also, deliver quality work and services.

Key Features

  • Authentication and authorization for all the users.
  • Efficient management of customer's activities and their queries.
  • Efficient management of roles and responsibilities and their access privileges.
  • Graphical and tabular representation of overall work reports and activities status.
  • Effective management of sales targets and commission for the employees.


Digital Operations is the integration of technologies, data-driven processes, and automation into the business-operations to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive better business outcomes.
Digital Operations implementation offers real-time data, efficient processes, reduced manual errors, enhanced scalability, better resource allocation, improved collaboration, and agility in decision-making.
Digital operations play an essential role in achieving business transformation by allowing organizations to streamline business-critical processes, amplify organization efficiency, improve overall productivity, and enhance customer experiences.